Sarasota, Florida Annual Average Temps

One of Sarasota's prime attractions is the weather. Sarasota enjoys an average annual high temperature 82.8°F (28.2°C). Click here for the latest 7 day forecast. • Boating ForecastCurrent Conditions

Average Annual Air Temperature:
72.6°F (22.6°C) average annual air temperature
82.8°F (28.2°C) average annual high temperature
61.9°F (16.6°C) average annual low temperature
Monthly Temps: HIGH LOW
January 72.3°F (22.4°C) 50.0°F (10.0°C)
February 73.5°F (23.1°C) 51.1°F (10.6°C)
March 77.7°F  (25.4°C) 55.7°F (13.2°C)
April 82.3°F (27.9°C) 59.3°F (15.2°C)
May 87.1°F (30.6°C) 64.8°F (18.2°C)
June 90.1°F (32.3°C) 70.5°F (21.4°C)
July 91.2°F (32.9°C) 72.2°F (22.3°C)
August 91.2°F (32.9°C) 72.6°F (22.6°C)
September 89.7°F (32.1°C) 71.6°F (22.0°C)
October 85.1°F (29.5°C) 64.9°F (18.3°C)
November 79.2°F (26.2°C) 57.7°F (14.3°C)
December 74.3°F (23.5°C) 52.0°F (11.1°C)

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